Ultimate Washing Line Fly Box Selection


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Fishing the washing line method is the mainstay of many boat anglers nowadays. This method is at home fishing from the bank or small water (so long as rules allow).

Check out some top tips on how to fish the washing line from our friend Rhys.

Fishing the washing line tips- click here

We have carefully selected our best washing line patterns for all fishing situations with patterns that are tried and tested on all of the favourite UK fishing venues like Rutland Water, Graham water, Draycote and Lake of Menteith. 

Included in the ripple foam pocket box is;


3 x Sunburst Tailed Cat Booby sz 10

3 x Mirage Cat Booby sz 10

3 x Mini Humungus Booby sz 12

3 x Cruncher Booby Natural sz 10

3 x Biscuit FAB (The proper original tying!) sz 10

3 x Sunburst and Pink FAB sz 10

3 x Coral FAB sz 8

3 x Black and Red Muskins sz 12 

3 x Red Holo Cheeked Cruncher sz 12  

3 x Yellow Owl Cruncher sz 10

3 x Black and Sunburst Diawl Bach (our favourite nymph) sz 12

3 x Black Flash Back Quill Buzzer sz 12

3 x Traffic Light Quill Buzzer sz 12

3 x Traffic Light Yellow Owl Buzzer sz 12

3 x Hot Cheek Mirage Quill Buzzer sz 12

3 x Flash Back Quill Olive- sz 10

3 x Litsers Olive Buzzer- sz 12

3 x Red Holo Quill- sz 10

3 x Light Olive Quill Buzzer- sz 14

(57 flies in total)