About us

Established in 2016 we have collaborated with some of the finest fisherman and fly tyers around the world to bring together an amazing range of flies for both still and running water. 

Our motto at Fario fly is to "Never stop innovation" and by this we mean-

  • Searching for the best ideas for Fly Design
  • Challenging and pushing the boundaries of established patterns to ensure the are tied both correctly in size, profile and colour.
  • Seeking out the most up to date and high quality materials on the market
  • Obsessing and pushing the limits of commercial fly quality to something never seen before- just ask our existing customers and stockists!


Our flies have the ability to catch fish, look amazing in your fly box and most importantly are built to last and survive the many fishes mouths they are going to hook.

We hope you have as much fun using our products as we do making them.