Tips for organising your fly box and flies

Admin AdminJan 29, '23

Excited about the new season ahead? Almost all of us Fly Anglers are turning our attention to the opening of the 2023 fishing season. Prospects look great with many of our larger water's which suffered terribly from low water levels are now full and the newly flooded water are sure...

The new David Chlumsky signature river fly range

Admin AdminOct 19, '21

David explains his journey from picking up his first rod to picking up his first medal at a world championships and what flies he has used to get hime there.

May/June update

Admin AdminMay 23, '21

At last the weather has shown signs of normalising to "early" summer temperatures and with that our waters are (finally) really beginning to come into their own- particularly in the north of England and Scotland- where it has been a very cold May. The end of May and beginning of June...

Denis Goulding explains how best to fish buzzers

Admin AdminMar 31, '21

Denis Goulding knows a thing or two about fishing having represented Ireland on numerous occasions. In this article he shares lots of tips and insight on how to get the best from fishing buzzers in various conditions.