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Nothing beats the slow relaxed nature of fishing nymphs on a floating line. The slow, sometimes static retrieve, is usually interrupted with an arm wrenching take- it is a fantastic way to fish! 


Whether you are "Straight line nymphing" (cast of multiple flies-all nymphs), washing line presentation or maybe even under a Fario Bung this selection of nymphs has you completely covered. From lightweight slow decent nymphs like the Muskins to heavier bulkier less natural pattens like cormorants each pattern has its place in certain conditions. 


Want some tips on making the most of nymph fishing? Check out this video from out friend Rhys Fishes.

Nymph fishing tricks tips- click here

All of our flies are tied on the best branded hooks along with the best quality materials using hand selected dubbing mixes, slim bodies, soft web fibres for tails and hackles and the cormorant patterns are tied using dyed black rabbit fur in the wing for extra movement. These flies are tested on all of the favourite UK fishing venues like Rutland Water, Graham water, Draycote and Lake of Menteith. 

The ideal gift for any fly fisherman!


Included in the ripple foam pocket box is;

 3 x Silver Body Cormorant sz 10

3 x Red Holo Cormorant sz 10

3 x Hares Ear Mirage Cormorant sz 10

3 x Hot Cheek Quill Short Cormorant sz 10

3 x Hot Cheek Mirage Short Cormorant sz 10

3 x Black and Green Viva Short Cormorant sz 10

3 x Black and Red Holo Muskins sz 10

3 x Black Traffic Light Muskins sz 12 

3 x Muskins Original sz 14

3 x Red Holo Check Cruncher sz 12

3 x Yellow Owl Cruncher sz 12

3 x Orange Owl Cruncher sz 12

3 x Black and Sunburst Diawl Bach sz 10

3 x Black and Sunburst Diawl Bach sz 12

3 x Black and Red Shaven Diawl Bach sz 12


(45 flies in total)

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