Yellow Dancer


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The yellow dancer is probably the most popular lure there is on the stillwater scene. This Scottish invention was first used on the famous Newmills Trout Fishery in the 90's and at the time was responsible for some huge catches and huge fish. It now comes in various guises and this particular version is as close as we can provide to the original. For best results fish on a floater or intermediate with a short pull and stop retrieve or a figure of eight. Quite simply you should not fish any stillwater or trout fishery without some of these in your fly box. 
Hook- Heavy Wet Size 12-10.
Bead- 3.8mm Sz 8, 3.3mm Sz 10.
Overall length- Approx 7cm (when straightened)
Body- Black and Rainbow Dancer Yarn.
Hackle- Yellow Cock Hackle
Tail- Bright White Premium marabou with fine UV Flash.
International Comp legal-No.