Traffic Light Owl Buzzer


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The Traffic Light Owl Buzzer is a combination of brilliant tying methods for buzzer patterns. Firstly the black thread rib over the light cahill colour gives the fly an excellent, consistent and natural looking segmented body. Next, the red holographic butt gives a fantastic trigger point.  Finally the cheeks of this fly are made up of a deadly combination of mirage tinsel over red holographic which really catches the eye of fish and lures them towards this buzzer.
Hook- Heavy Wet Size 12-10
Thread Colour- Cahill and Red Butt.
Overall length- Approx Sz10 18mm, Sz 12 15mm.
Rib- Natural Stripped Quill.
Cheeks-Mirage over Red Holo.
Thorax- None.
International Comp legal-Yes.