Tequila Super Blob Booby


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One thing we really pride ourselves on here at Fario Fly is the quality of our Boobies...that's right they're awesome!  With even and smooth foam eyes, soft marabou wings and tied with perfect proportions we are confident that our Booby range cannot be beaten on quality or pattern choice for this style of fly.
A Tequila colour combination is arguably one of the most effective Blob patterns of all time.  This version has the addition of yellow booby eyes which enable the fly to be used with a "plopping" method and attract the attention of fish in rough conditions.  Equally this is a very useful pattern in calmer conditions when used in conjunction with Nymphs or Buzzers whilst fishing the washing line method.
Hook- Heavy Wet Size 10.
Eyes- 3.5mm yellow.
Overall length- Approx 24mm (when straightened)
Body- 1/2 Chartreuse Blob Fritz 1/2 Fire Orange Blob Fritz.
Tail- Flou Orange / Flou Yellow Neon Blob Tail
International Comp legal-Yes.