Suspender Buzzer Yellow Owl


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Suspender buzzers or what are sometimes referred to as top hat dry fly has become very popular in recent years for targeting rising fish or fish that are feeding just under the surface. Unlike CDC flies, hackled or deer hair dry flies this style of dry fly can be fished under the surface, on the surface or even below the surface on a intermediate line. These flies also make a great point fly for fishing the washing line method. 

Our suspender buzzers are tied with a generous yet perfectly round and smooth foam head. The reason for tying them on the large side is so that you can experiment with the buoyancy required for your fishing situation and if required you can trim the foam down. 


Hook- Grub Size 12.
Overall length- Approx 16mm (when straightened)
Body- Black thread rib over yellow owl body
Thorax- Fox squirrel dubbing
Suspender Head- 5mm Booby tube white trimmed
International Comp legal-Yes