Red Squirmy Worm


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The Squirmy Worm originated from the USA where it was used to devastating effects on rivers for trout. Since then this pattern has been popularised in the UK with it's equally devastating effects on small waters and rivers. This particular fly has won countless competitions and has caught many different species of fish including trout, grayling, salmon, perch, chubb and numerous other coarse fish.

The Red Squirmy Worm is the original coloured Squirmy pattern.  This is a fantastic bloodworm imitation and a great winter fly to have in your box.  Fished best under a Fario Bung - do not fish small waters in the winter without this fly! 

Hook- Heavy Grub Size 10
Bead- 3.3mm Black Bead
Overall length- Approx 6cm
Tail- Red Squirmy material
Body- Red Squirmy material
International Comp legal- No