Pearl Butt Yellow Owl


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Often regarded as thee best stillwater dry fly in the UK and certainly one of the most popular the Yellow Owl is a shuttlecock style CDC. This fly was originally invented on the famous Loch Leven where it was used to catch buzzer feeding fish off the surface. The black rib over the light cahill thread gives the impression of a segmented body which fish are very attracted to. If fish are taking dry flies on the surface and you have any doubt as to which pattern to choose - the Yellow Owl is always a great starting point. Fished singularly - it is a fantastic emerger pattern for targeting cruising fish.


This particular variant incorporates a mirage pearl butt which not only gives the fly some ectra fish appeal but imitates the shuck of a hatching buzzer.

Hook- Medium Wire dry fly 14-12
Body- Light Cahill thread with black thread rib
Overall length- Approx 24mm
Wing- Wild cdc plumes
Butt- Mirage Tinsel 
International Comp legal- Yes