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Neon Sunburst and Pink FAB


Neon Sunburst and Pink FAB

This new style is only such because of this cutting edge material, this will be blob is sure to take the competition scene by storm. Essentially this material is made up of undyed fibres which can be made into multiple colours on one core. The effect is amazing and when these flies are seen in the water the glow from them is quite something! Fish will not miss this. The best thing about this material is it still has the beautiful soft finish which moves great in the water.
Hook- Short Shank Blob 8
Overall length- Approx 24mm 
Body- Hot Pink Neon Soft Blob Fritz
Body- Two tone Sunburst Neon Blob Fritz
Tail- 5mm 1/2 pink Foam Cylinder (split)
International Comp legal- Yes

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