Natural Quill Cruncher


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The Natural Quill Cruncher is a modern cruncher pattern which has gathered a huge following in recent years. Unlike a conventional cruncher which has a pheasant tail body this version has a stripped peacock quill body which undoubtably gives the most natural appearance for this fly.  

We recommend the use of this nymph during the summer months and has been successful on Rutland Water, Lake of Menteith and Grafham Water.  We have also found it to be a popular corixia pattern when used during the months of September and October.

Hook- Heavy Wet Size 12-10
Thread Colour- Red
Overall length- Approx Sz10 18mm, Sz 12 15mm.
Body- Stripped Peacock Quill (superglued)
Hackle- Brown Hen
Tail- Brown Hen Fibres
International Comp legal- Yes