Mirage Quill Buzzer Sunburst


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The Mirage Quill series of buzzers have been extremely popular in recent years.  The use of stripped peacock quills give a superb realistic segmented effect on the body of the fly.  The thorax is covered with large mirage tinsel and the cheeks are made using our sunburst goose biots.  As with all of our buzzers they are sealed with at least three layers of our buzzer finishing varnish to create an excellent finish.
Keep these in your fly box during April-May and we're sure you'll have some great results!
Hook- Heavy Wet Size 10-12
Thread Colour- Black.
Overall length- Approx Sz10 18mm, Sz 12 15mm.
Rib- Natural Stripped Quill.
Cheeks-Sunburst Goose Biots.
Thorax- Mirage Tinsel.
International Comp legal-Yes.