Popper Fry


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The popper fry concept we first saw in angling publications, It was Nigel Savage from Rutland water who we first saw with this pattern in angling publications many years ago. Steve Cullen famously won the English national Fly fishing championships with his version of this fry in and now with a few tweaks here is our tried and tested Fario version. 

This patterns is absolutely lethal when fished over weedbeds and in amongst the margins. 

Trick is to fish either static or with a steady figure of eight- be warned when the fish begin to bulge after this just keep on retrieving- don't stop!

Hook- Heavy Wet Size 10.
Eyes- 4mm Flou Orange Vinyl.
Overall length- Approx 16-24mm (when straightened)
Body- Brown/Olive Squirrel dubbing
Wing- Fine cut Pine Squirel zonker.
International Comp legal- Yes