IPN Biscuit


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The IPN or "Idiot Proof Nymph" is probably the most basic lure used on small waters and reservoirs alike. These Lures are essentially long marabou tailed flies with fritz bodies, a matching hot head bead and contrasting varnished thread collar. All of this makes for a very simple but very effective fly. They are superb at catching stocked fish and we always prefer to fish them singularly or teamed with another IPN. For the Biscuit version our favourite matching fly is IPN Orange for freshly stocked fish or IPN White Cat for clear water.


(We prefer to pair the IPN Biscuit with the IPN White Cat or IPN Orange)(IPN White Cat)(IPN Orange)

All of our IPN Nymphs have fluttering marabou tails with exactly 4 strands of extra fine UV flash just to give it them extra appeal.



Hook- Heavy Wet Size 8
Bead3.8 mm Chartruese with signature pupil eyes.
Overall length- Approx 6cm.
TailWhite Premium Marabou with fine UV Flashabou.
Body- 1/3rd Sunburst Blob Fritz, 2/3 Biscuit Coral Fritz.
International Comp legal- No.