Hot Head Blue Flash Damsel


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The Hot Head Blue Flash Damsel is one of the "buggier" more natural looking damsels in the range. It has a fantastic long damsel olive marabou tail with blue flash down each side of the tail. The body is made from our special damsel seals fur mix and dyed olive partridge is used as a head hackle to give the impression of legs.  As with all of our beaded flies the hot head blue flash damsel has a 3.3mm flou orange bead with our signature painted pupil eyes to complete that buggy look.
Hook- Heavy Wet size 10
Bead3.3mm Flou Orange with signature pupil eyes.
Overall length- Approx 6cm.
TailDamsel Olive premium Marabou.
BodyFario Damsel Seals Fur Mix.
International Comp legal- No.