Hot Butt Yellow owl


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A very small variation of the very successful and ever consistent Yellow Owl shuttlecock. This fly is a must for any Trout Fisherman's box as it simply works in all conditions, for Browns and Rainbows and with the hot butt can have an extra appeal to inquisitive stocked fish!! The hot butt is added to imitate the pigment of a hatching buzzer, however as said, it seems to draw fish in from distance and the love sipping this fly in!!


Best fished on the point of a dry fly cast with other styles on the droppers or fished singularly or our favourite- two yellow owls on a long leader- Absolutely deadly. 



Hook- Dry Fly size 12
Wing- Min 4 Premium CDC feathers.
Body- Black rib over yellow owl body thread- hot orange butt.
Overall length- Approx 24mm
International Comp legal- Yes