Hares Ear Booby


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The Hares Ear Booby is a great pattern to use when fishing across weedbeds with a team of nymphs. Often this small but buoyant fly will catch just as many fish as the nymphs it is trying to hold up in the water. 
If fishing for corixia feeding fish then this pattern is a particularly good fly to have in your box. Another favourite method which utilises this Booby pattern is to fish a pair of them with two small nymphs in between - when fish are feeding just under the surface this is one of our go to methods. 
Hook- Heavy Wet Size 10.
Eyes- 3.5mm Yellow Ethafoam.
Overall length- Approx 24mm (when straightened)
Body- Hares Ear with medium Gold tinsel rib
Tail- Hares Ear body fur
International Comp legal- Yes.