Flexi Cruncher Gold


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The Flexi range of Crunchers come in a number of holographic colours. These flies are particularly effective when fishing for Rainbow Trout using the washing line method. The Blue version has provided us with great results when fishing on Lake of Menteith and it makes a great middle dropper when pulling for Brown Trout. The Gold version is an excellent fly (particularly in size 10) when fishing for fry feeders. The Olive version is without a doubt a great pattern for fishing during an olive hatch and additionally the size 10 lends itself well to a small damsel imitation.
Hook- Heavy Wet Size 12-10
Thread Colour- Black
Overall length- Approx Sz 10 22mm, Sz 12 18mm
BodyBlack Flexi Floss Rib and Holo Gold Tinsel (superglued)
Hackle- Black Hen
Thorax Cover- Medium Holo Gold Tinsel
International Comp legal-Yes