Fario FBL302 Ultimate Short Shank Barbless Bronze 100pcs


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Probably the best barbless short available, solely designed for the purpose of Stillwater fly fishing and specifically UK methods. Featuring an all important straight point for a superior hook up rate to curved points.

These hooks are manufactured from the highest grade steel, made in Japan. They have flawless bronze finish, have been through a stringent tempering process and perfect smooth eye formation. 

 This is the ultimate hook for tying FABs, Blobs and other bulky bodied flies.

Having been tested extensively for nearly two years we found a straight point to have a far superior hook up and hold rate for fishing UK style methods and applications. There are instances when curved point hooks sometimes do have a better hold however these are in very specific instances. 

For any method that involves any movement of flies this is undoubtedly the best shape of hook.


*size 8 conforms exactly to international hook gauge