Fario Bung Chartuese


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These unique bungs float like a cork but have a sting in their tail! The novel design of having a hook firmly attached to the custom machined foam makes the Fario Bungs stand out from the crowd. Their shape makes them ideal for casting and thanks to the clear hook point those fish that previously swirled and tried to eat your bung can now be caught with ease.

We have used a new fixing technique on these bungs to connect the hook and foam together making them almost indestructible. 

Flou Chartuese is best for Bright Conditions

Love them or loathe them do not omit these from your fly box. 



Hook- Bung Hook Size 8.
Overall length- Approx 2.5cm.
BodyCustom foam Body- painted Flou Chartuese.
International Comp legal- Yes.
Product protected under our Fario design 6138868