Olive and chartreuse 8 leg Apps worm (Barbless)


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One of the original rubber versions of a blood-worm this fly literally took the fishing scene by storm! On its day will pull in some amazing catches and can be fished on a multitude of line densities and with all sorts of retrieves. This is a form favourite pattern of the competition anglers especially on a manufactured barbless hook. 

Some of the best results come from using this on an intermediate line with a slow/medium "twitching" retrieve , Inched back at a snails pace or fished static under a Fario Bung. The particular version features 2 "legs" at both the front and back and two legs at either side in the middle of the fly for extra movement. The body is then ribbed with olive Flexi Floss over shellback of mirage tinsel and olive thread body. The body is then carefully varnished for durability.  

Hook- Fario Short shank FBL302 Size 8.
Rib- Olive flexi floss.
Legs- Olive flexi floss front and back and chartreuse side legs.
Body- Mirage tinsel shellback.
Overall length- Approx 8 cm (when straightened)
International Comp legal- No.