Blue Flash Damsel


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The Blue Flash Damsel might just be the most popular trout lure of all time here in the UK. This pattern was first made famous by the acclaimed fishing photographer Peter Gathercole. This fly has literally caught tens of thousands of fish and will continue to do so. With the most simple of designs and without any "bling" materials this Damsel fishes well (and consistently) in most conditions. 
Best fished on either a floating or intermediate line this fly can be used with a variety of retrieves from super slow figure of eight to faster strips. We have had a lot of success with this fly particularly when fishing for stockies in small waters.
Hook- Heavy Wet Size 10.
Bead- 3.3mm Gold Brass
Overall length- Approx 6cm.
Tail- Premium Olive Marabou with Damsel Blue Flashabou.
BodyDyed Olive Damsel Mix Seals Fur
HackleOlive Cock (Body) & Dyed Olive Partridge Head Hackle.
International Comp legal- No.