Bloodworm No.5


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The No.5 Bloodworm Is one of our favourite winter bloodworm pattern and is devastating when fished under the Fario Fly Bung. This fly is capable of taking fish when the bigger and brighter flies are not producing results.
The most important part of the tying of this fly is that it is tied "fat" which enables the fly to sink quickly and anchor the bung in place - quite remarkable considering it is such a small unweighted fly.

This brightly coloured bloodworm imitation is tied with the famous Glo Brite No.5 Floss.  We have found that this particular shade of red is incredibly effective when fishing in the winter.  This fly also makes a great point fly when fishing in a team of buzzers.

Hook- Heavy Grub Size 10.
Overall length- Approx 18mm.
Body- Glo Brite No.5
Rib- Small Red Holo Tinsel
International Comp Legal- Yes

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