Black And Silver Humungus


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Originally devised in Scotland on the mighty Loch Leven this generic lure pattern has been unbelievably popular for both Rainbow and Brown Trout globally. This fly has caught Rainbows in Alaska, Brown Trout in Tasmania and literally thousands of stocked and wild fish in the homeland of its creation. This is a particularly good baitfish pattern and often best paired with a Black and Gold or a White and Silver variation.


As per the original dressing this is tied on a size 8 heavyweight wet fly hook with large bead chain eyes and most importantly a long "webby" Cree hackle saddle as opposed to the many variations often seen i.e tied on long shank hooks and small grizzle hackle.


Hook- Heavy Wet Size 8.
Bead- Chain Eyes 4mm
Overall length- Approx 6cm.
Tail- Black Marabou with fine silver and UV Flashabou.
Body- 6mm Silver Cactus chennile
Hackle- Cree Variant
International Comp legal- No.