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Fario Fly

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This very simple pattern is tied to represent an adult buzzer, probably one of the most consistent dry fly patterns used on English reservoirs. It was originally devised on the Anglian water reservoirs for the famous large buzzers which hatch there and is one of the most tried and tested patterns and always part of any midlands anglers armoury. 

When applying floatant to this pattern always be sure to carefully add a small amount to the back of the body and around the hackle- try not to immerse the entire pattern as it should not ride high on the waters surface but fish more "in the surface".

Hook- Dry Fly Size 10-12.
Hackle- Red Game (Brown)
Overall length- Approx 22-24mm.
BodyBibio Red Seals Fur.
Breathers- White Poly Prop yarn.
International Comp legal- Yes.