May/June update

May/June update

Admin AdminMay 23, '21
At last the weather has shown signs of normalising to "early" summer temperatures and with that our waters are (finally) really beginning to come into their own- particularly in the north of England and Scotland- where it has been a very cold May. The end of May and beginning of June usually sees the end of the buzzer fishing and beginning of surface feeding. This is helped by the warmer weather making dry fly more consistent at our still waters and Reservoirs. We recently added (by demand) a new pattern to our already comprehensive dry fly range- The Midas. We consulted with the patterns creator Paul Davidson for some insight to how we might go about producing his deadly dry fly. We have carefully and meticulously tried to replicate it using the tying techniques learned, the best materials and a very precise mixing technique to achieve the "special" dubbing mix for the body. We believe we have done the mighty Midas justice!

On a personal note I have had tremendous success on a pattern incredibly popular at Lake of Menteith called the Vicar Buzzer. Originally devised by Scottish fly tying ace Peter Batchelor this relatively simple looking pattern with a small pronounced bulbous head has caught us dozens of fish lately and we have had reports of it working on waters across the UK and Ireland. With it proving so popular we have made it available tied on our solid FBL301 barbless wet fly hook. You can see what they look like here.
If you're a competition angler you might want to check out our new competition legal barbless bungs which are are just perfect for fishing a team of vicar buzzers! They come in 6 different colours to cover every light condition or the colour that works best for you. All of our adjustable bungs are back in stock too in all colours and sizes.

On the rivers this year the hatches have been good but the fishing relatively poor (from my experiences) I think this has largely been down to cold water temperatures and again with warmer and more consistent weather on the way I think the rivers will really spring into life soon. (Finger crossed).

Finally, we have updated and extended our barbless river fly offerings and these can be purchased at any of our stockists. I would strongly recommend seeing these in person as they really are something special and tied to a very high standard using the finest natural materials and the heaviest tungsten beads we could find for the nymphs. (we know this as we weighed them out on scales!)