Tips for organising your fly box and flies

Admin AdminJan 29, '23

Excited about the new season ahead? Almost all of us Fly Anglers are turning our attention to the opening of the 2023 fishing season. Prospects look great with many of our larger water's which suffered terribly from low water levels are now full and the newly flooded water are sure to provide some excellent sport.

This time of year is always a great opportunity for tying up or stocking up on your favourite patterns and sorting out your fly boxes. Our top 5 tips for this are;

1. Dry out, clean out and throw out. Check over your fly boxes and make sure you haven't suffered from pesky moisture in your box which may have caused dreaded rust on your hooks. Remove any rusty flies to protect your other flies. Its a good idea to site with some scissors or nippers and cut of those tippet tag ends from the hook eyes that are left from last season.

2. Organise all your flies by category. Its strangely satisfying but organising your boxes by taking some time at your table at home is time well spent and allows you to spend more time on the water fishing instead of scratching around looking for your favourite fly pattern.

3. Tie up or stock up on your most successful flies from last season. The chances are the flies that worked best for you last season will work just as well this season. Make sure you have these patterns in your boxes and maybe even have a small box dedicated to your favourite patterns to ensure you make the most of your days fishing and maintain a great catch rate.

4. Save some silica pouches. The small silica pouches that are found in the packing of electronics and other goods help to retain and reduce moisture. Put these aside and throw them in your fly box. They save your precious fly boxes and flies from getting damaged and help prevent your dry flies from becoming waterlogged.

5. Barbless/Barbed split them up. Most of us now have either exclusively barbless flies or a mixture of both. If its the later then its a great idea to split them apart into separate boxes. Knowing that you can easily locate one or the other helps with your fishing time and even more so if your looking to change your flies in amoungst a shoal of fishing fish! Being organised catches more fish.


Keep an eye on our website for new additions to the barbless flies range for 2023.