Snake Bead Eye 10cm Black Cat


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Fario Fly

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As featured in Todays Fly Fisher magazine top patterns this new version of the snake fly incorporates Fario Fly's signature bead eye. This focal point contrasted against the fluorescent bead is irresistible to fish- as if the long mobile rabbit body wasn't enough!

Tied in the deadly black and green colour combination these flies are absolutely lethal all year round however early season and from late spring through winter are often the best times. The colour combo is often best fished in dirty water conditions.

This pattern can be fished on a variety of lines from a floating line with a slow retrieve right down to a fast sinker and almost everything in between. We find the smaller 5cm version can be particularly effective fished as a pair with the larger 10cm version best fished singularly. 

Hook- Black Nickel Heavy weight size 10

Body- Black Rabbit

Head- Chartruse Krystal Hackle/Chartruse Ice dub

Bead- 3.3mm Flou Yellow with pupil eye