Snake 10cm Black Cat


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The snake fly is without a doubt the "heavy weight" of the trout fly world and this huge fly has the ability to pull fish out of nowhere and big fish too! The black cat version we have found to be extremely effective for fresh "stockies" at the start of the season and in coloured water too. Fish this on a variety of lines from a floater right down to a fast sinking line. The best retrieves are just as varied as the line choice, where a super slow figure of eight can be just as effective as a fast strip. One thing we have found when using these flies is mixing the retrieve around can bring great results and without a doubt always, always, always "hang this fly".

All of our snakes flies are connected with super strong nano braid which is strong enough to hold big fish yet supple enough to enhance the movement of the rabbit zonker strip. You will see what we mean when it is in the water!


Hook- Heavy Wet Size 10.
Bead- 3mm Silver Bead Chain.
Body- Chartuese Ice Dub and Krystal Hackle
Overall length- Approx 10cm (when straightened)
International Comp legal- No.