Sighter CDC Sedge Indicator fly


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One of our favourite dry fly for searching shallow to medium depth water when presenting a nymph under a dry fly. Often called the duo method, Klink and dink, New Zealand Style or Dry dropper. What makes this fly work so well? Its a combination generous CDC wing combined with a deer hair underwing and buggy squirrel dubbing body. Unlike a Klinkammer style fly this does not require any treatment of the fly to make it float and it lands softly on the water which avoids scaring fish with those casts that don’t quite hit the spot on the first attempt. For such a small fly we will managed to comfortably fish two 2.5mm tungsten beads underneath them. However don’t always focus on the fly as a bit detector as this fantastic “searching” dry often brings fish off the bottom for a mouthful from the surface.