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Flexi Bunny Olive


Flexi Bunny Olive

The Flexi Bunny range is a great lure for fishing during the winter period. This fly has lots of movement with its rabbit body and rubber legs. The mobile Krystal Hackle adds mobility and the Ice Dub body gives off just the right amount of flash required. The over sized dumbell eyes give this pattern sufficient weight which helps to sink this mouthful of a fly.
Great for fishing on a sunk line. 
Hook- Heavy Wet Size 8.
Overall length- Approx 6cm.
Body- Spectra Olive Ice Dub.
Wing-Magnum barred Olive Rabbit Zonker
Thorax- Black Krystal Hackle. 
Legs- Olive Barred Round Rubber.
International Comp legal-No.

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