Olive Bunny Cormorant


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We tie all of our cormorant flies with the tips of rabbit fur and here's why:
  • It provides a consistent length time after time. 
  • It is more durable therefore tends not to pull out.
  • It has loads more movement in the water.
  • It does not look "bulky" like some cormorants tied with Marabou. 
  • We think it fishes better!
The Olive version is a fantastic pattern when used in conjunction with other flies such as a FAB or Booby. We have found this fly particularly successful when fishing clear water.

Hook- Heavy Wet Size 10
Thread Colour- Fluo Orange
Overall length- Approx 20mm
Rib- Fluo Orange Thread
Body- Peacock Herl
Wing- Olive Rabbit Fur
International Comp legal-Yes.