Pearl Thorax Quill Buzzer


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The Pearl Thorax Buzzer is a great buzzer pattern for using in sunny conditions. This is mainly due to the flashy mirage tinsel collar on the thorax of the fly which reflects a wide spectrum of colours in the sunlight. The brightly coloured painted cheeks compliment the flashy thorax and really makes this pattern stand out from the crowd.
Best fished as part of a team of buzzers on the washing line style we have found this buzzer particularly effective on the Lake of Menteith and Grafham Water.
Hook- Heavy Wet Size 12-10
Thread Colour- Black.
Overall length- Approx Sz10 18mm, Sz 12 15mm.
Rib- Natural Stripped Quill.
Cheeks-Flou Orange T-Shirt Paint.
Thorax- Mirage Tinsel Small (collar).
International Comp legal-Yes.