Sunburst Krystal Cat Booby


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One thing we really pride ourselves on here at Fario Fly is the quality of our Boobies...that's right they're awesome! With even and smooth foam eyes, soft marabou wings and tied with perfect proportions we are confident that our Booby range cannot be beaten on quality or pattern choice for this style of fly.

The Sunburst Krystal Cat Booby is a variation of the fantastic Cat Booby. With it's bright green eyes this fly is particularly popular in dirty water and stands out in even deeply algae stained water. This pattern can be particularly effective when fish are refusing the usual offering of white or yellow eyed flies. 

 This is a great booby pattern for Lake of Menteith, Rutland Water, Lyn Brenig, Grafham water and we have had great success on many other popular reservoirs too. 


Hook- Heavy Wet Size 10.
Eyes- 5.5mm Lime Green.
Overall length- Approx 24mm (when straightened)
Body- 15mm Sunburst Krystal hackle.
Wing- Sunburst premium marabou 
Tail- Bright white/baby pink Mix premium marabou.
International Comp legal-Yes.