Olive Apps worm (Barbless)


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One of the original rubber versions of a blood-worm this fly literally took the fishing scene by storm! On its day will pull in some amazing catches and can be fished on a multitude of line densities and with all sorts of retrieves. This is a form favourite pattern of the competition anglers especially on a manufactured barbless hook. 

Some of the best results come from using this on an intermediate line with a slow/medium "twitching" retrieve , Inched back at a snails pace or fished static under a Fario Bung. The particular version features 2 "legs" at both the front and back and is ribbed with red Flexi Floss over shellback of mirage tinsel and olive thread body. The body is then carefully varnished for durability.  

Hook- Fario Short shank FBL302 Size 10.
Rib- Olive flexi floss.
Legs- Olive flexi floss.
Body- Mirage tinsel shellback.
Overall length- Approx 8 cm (when straightened)
International Comp legal- No.