Micro Blue Flash Damsel


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The Micro Blue Flash Damsel is a Fario Fly favourite and star of the micro lure range. Due to it's small and slim profile this fly albeit a lure is actually a very natural looking fly in the water because it is very similar to the size of the natural damsel nymph.  The olive and blue combination is a favourite damsel pattern for all times of year.  Add to this the double pupil eyes on the bead and the olive marabou body it's no surprise this micro lure can produce macro catches!

In hot, sunny or warm conditions we have found this to be a great point fly for nymphing on reservoirs.  It acts as a great anchor fly.

Hook- Heavy Wet Size 12
Bead- 3.3mm Black with double pupil eyes
Overall length- Approx 3.5cm
Tail- Premium Olive Marabou with Damsel Blue Flashabou
Body- Wound Olive Marabou
International Comp legal- No