Traffic Light Hopper Soft Hackle


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The traffic light hopper is a modern tale on a very tradition Fly. The traffic light colour combination of mirage tinsel over red holographic has been used on patterns from buzzers to boobies this colour formation has proved very popular and extremely successful. 


Out hoppers are specifically tied with soft hen hackle and this  allows them to be fished both wet and dry. When fishing them dry the application is a tiny bit of floatant is always advised. 


Hook- Dry Fly Size 12.
LegsKnotted brown Pheasant tail Fibres.
Overall length- Approx 22-24mm.
Hackle- Dyed Black. Hen Hackle
TailBlack Cock Fibres.
Body-Black seals fur with red holo and mirage rib. 
International Comp legal- Yes.