Rutland Quill Buzzer


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When it comes to buzzer fishing in the UK there and fewer better places to experience this magical method of fishing than at Rutland Water. The home of many large angling events and a magical place to fish at anytime of year. 
This particular buzzer patterns is, and has been for a number of years, absolutely devastating in April, May and June. 
Often the simplest of patterns are the most effective and this rings true with this little buzzer. With flawless proportions and a carefully varnished body we can guarantee you success with this fly. 
Hook- Heavy Wet Size 12-10
Thread Colour- Black.
Overall length- Approx Sz10 18mm, Sz 12 15mm.
Rib- Natural Stripped Quill.
Cheeks- Sunburst Edge Goose Biots.
Thorax- Mirage Tinsel.
International Comp legal-Yes.