Micro Black Blue Flash Damsel


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The Black Blue Flash Damsel is a real favourite of ours here at Fario Fly. The detail in tying this fly has to be seen to be believed. The Damsel olive marabou tail and double dyed glow olive Krystal hackle body gives an amazing glow in the water which fish find irresistible! To complete this great pattern a "buggy" dyed olive partridge hackle and just enough blue flash in the tail finishes off what we believe is one of the best damsel patterns money can buy. This fly has accounted for a lot of fish.

Best fished on either a floating or intermediate line this fly can be used with a variety of retrieves from super slow figure of eight to faster strips. We have had a lot of success with this fly particularly when fishing for stockies in small waters.

Hook- Heavy Wet Size 12
Bead- 3.3mm Black with signature double pupil eyes. 
Overall length- Approx 3-3.5 cm
Tail- Premium Olive Marabou with fine Damsel Blue Flashabou
Body- 15mm Glow Olive Krystal Hackle 
Hackle- Dyed Olive Partridge
International Comp legal- No