Krystal Damsel Blue Flash


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This is one of the best selling Damsel patterns there is thanks to it's versatility and consistent ability to catch fish. This popular variation incorporates a blue flash tail which trout find irresistible.

Best fished on either a floating or intermediate line this fly can be used with a variety of retrieves from super slow figure of eight to faster strips. We have had a lot of success with this fly particularly when fishing for stockies in small waters.

Hook- Heavy Wet Size 10
Bead- 3.3mm Fluorescent Orange with signature pupil eyes.
Overall length- Approx 5-6 cm
Tail- Premium Olive Marabou with fine Damsel Blue Flashabou
Body- 15mm Glow Olive Krystal Hackle
Hackle- Dyed Olive Partridge
International Comp legal- No